Het Rozenknopje is surrounded by many authentic restaurants and eateries, in various price ranges.
Rondom het Rozenknopje zijn een aantal authentieke restaurants en eetcafés in diverse prijsklassen.

Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert

Type Bistro pub situated in the middle of Vijlen’s woodlands alongside a sand path (Vijlen is a Dutch neigboring village).
Menu Beefsteak with French fries, game dishes, various soups and salads, regional dishes and 60 different types of beer.
Feature Cozy, brownish homely, romantic, big fireplace and terraces with a beautiful view.
Distance By foot: 4km / By car: 12km (navigation: Rugweg, Vijlen)
Website/Phone / +31 (0)43 306 24 99

Auberge le Barbeau

Type Bistro pub, located opposite the B&B on the square.
Menu Various soups, oven dishes, rice- and pasta dishes.
Feature Cozy, brownish homely and nice courtyard terrace.
Distance 10m
Website/Phone / +32 (0)87 78 69 50

Restaurant Buitenlust

Type Restaurant with a beautiful location and therefore nice view.
Menu Tournedos and international classic dishes.
Feature Beautiful views.
Distance By foot: 4km / by car: 8km (navigation: Camerig 11, Vijlen)
Website/Phone / +31 (0)43 455 13 88

Herberg Moeder de Gans

Type Restaurant located in an old farm in Teuven
Menu Regional dishes.
Feature Atmospheric, with a fireplace. Bysides is Café Modern located across the road. Café Modern showcases an organ from the famous Decap organ builders.
Distance 10km (navigation: Teuven-Dorp 60, Voeren)
Website/Phone / +32 (0)43 81 22 85

Auberge A gen Kirk

Type Bistro pub opposite the church in Vijlen. The café is full of statues of saints. You will thus eat under the oversight of the rich Roman life.
Menu International, pastas, salads, stews.
Feature Approximately 200 statues of saints
Distance By foot: 6km / By car: 14km (navigation: Vijlenberg 115, Vijlen)
Website/Phone / +31 (0)43 306 19 63